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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A New Restroom

I feel so satisfied with the life now!
You know, it don't have to be much to get me lucky.
I have finished the worse of my planned project during the vacation, namely the cleaning of the restroom.
Now it really looks like a new polished 57'Chevrolet! Praise God!

It took me the whole afternoon yesterday, to do the job, when I had to take everything out and then clean the whole room from the ceiling to the floor and then clean every single peace that I put back in.
It's so clean now and smells like brand new, because of the smell of the new blue plastic curtains and everything, and it's a pleasure to only go in and just look around.

1 comment:

Clas said...

You know, it don't have to be much to get me lucky.....

What the ?!??! oaaah baaah .. waoww!!!! humfffrbppbpbpmm!