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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A trip in the mountains

Here are some photos from yesterday.

Early in the morning on the "autopista" that
leads to the capital of the island.
It is a 50 minute drive up to Sta Cruz.

When we got to the town it was already daylight.
The street sweepers had started their work.
They use big leaves from the palm trees for sweeping.

We had breakfast at a bar not far from the hospital.

Hospiten Rambla in Sta Cruz.

After the hospital visit we had a walk in a famous park called
Parque Garcia Sanabria.

Clas is bird spotting.

Me in the park.

It was very nice weather and we decided to take a trip up to
Anaga and the Mercedes mountains,
located north/north east of Sta Cruz.

There are plenty of these beautiful flowers on the
cliff walls.

After a while we stopped and climbed up on a hill.

The view looking down on the other side of the hill.
To be honest I was little bit scared of the heights.
Ones I grabbed Clas' shirt when I thought we would fall down
along a steep with the car and everything, and he had to drive very
slowly on the serpentine roads.

There are many pick-nick areas with fireplaces in the mountains.

Sta Cruz seen from above.

There are a few big rocks outside the northern coast of Tenerife.

The Fred Olsen ferry on the way in to Sta Cruz from Gran Canaria.

It was a long trip we made yesterday.
After the serpentine roads we changed and I started
driving for a while.
Here on the way down to Punto de Hidalgo.
You can see some unusual funny road signs on Tenerife and
while Clas was driving he every now and then asked;
-What does this sign mean?
When I drove I read all the signs loudly so that
he would know that I had seen them.
You know some men are scared to be passengers when
a woman drive.
If I didn't say anything he directly asked me what the last
sign did say to be sure that I have seen it. Oh, men!!!
I must tell you that I was the drivers instructor for all
our three boys, home in Finland before we moved down
to Tenerife, and they all passed the tests and got their licenses.

Clas waiting for the meal.
We stopped at a Tasca bar in Tacoronte.
When you visit small restaurants like this it's good to sit at the bar.
I mean if you know a little bit Spanish and can have a conservation
with the owner and the locals at the bar...
This Tasca owner gave us first small free tastes from the menu.
You probably not get that service if you sit down at a table.

We finally ordered "Sopa Lentejas de Canarias".
I also got a small glass of the local red wine.
When we had eaten about half of the portions the bar owner
sprinkled chopped onions over the soup and the taste of it got an
extra nice character. Very delicious!

After the meal we started our way back home to Los Cristianos.

After the sunset we had a small grill party for the two of us.

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