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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our refrigerator

Can you believe this is our refrigerator?
It's a long time since it last was so full!
Normally when you open the door it's so empty and light that the whole thing is shaking like an aspen.
We have both been out buying different delicacies and I wish it would look like this all the time.

I have even been curing a fish in salt and sugar today ( gravad sik in Swedish) and it will be ready after a couple of days.
This time I choose a whitefish when we had salmon last time.
But to be honest with you I even bought a package of gravlax today.
You can see it to the right of the big melon.
In other words it will be breakfasts including fish here now for a couple of days.


Sue & Norm said...

What is Gravlax? Susanne .
Do you eat the white fish raw like the salmon?.
Looks like you are in for a good feast while on vacation.
Night Night.
Sue x

Susanne said...

Hi Sue,
Gravlax is the kind of salmon I made before.
It's called gravlax in Swedish but some people in the states also call it "gravlax".
Maybe it could be called "pickle salmon" in English?
Yes the whitefish is quite the same, it's raw but pickled or cured in salt and sugar which makes it prepared.
Really nice on hard bread or coarse rye bread.