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Saturday, May 09, 2009

A short update

Our breakfast at Little Italy's

Yehaa! It was 17.000 visitors a couple of days ago.

I haven't had time to blog the last days. To be on vacation makes you more busy than ever.

I have started learning new songs and Clas has been busy mastering them.

We have changed the song play list that we use in the nights and now it will be easier for Clas to find the right song in the computer.

We have been out on town for breakfast and have had grill parties on the balcony in the nights.

I have been out shopping one day.

I have got an appointment to the hospital in Santa Cruz and will go there the 18th of May for a esophageal manometry test that measures the function of the lower esophageal sphincter.
This coming week, before the examination, I'm not allowed to have the medicines that control the acids in the stomach, and I will probably not feel so good. But it's only during one week and I will make it.
The manometry will be the last test and when it's ready I will see the surgeon who is going to do the operation of the hernia.
Three weeks after the operation I hopefully will be like normal again.
I really look forward to that day.

Our time off in May this year, is not going to be like a vacation like it seams.
We will anyhow not work any more this month and plan to preliminary start again in June.

It's very nice weather on Tenerife right now. No clouds and +23-25 degrees.
But yesterday it was windy and the waves were huge.

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