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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A trip in the sun

Tomorrow we are driving up to Hospital Rambla in Sta Cruz.
It's time for the menometry test, and I will have it done already at 8.30 in the morning.

By the way, this week has been like a miracle!
I have had absolutely no problem at all, even when I haven't been taking any medicine.
Now I really wonder why I have had to take it at all?!
This must be a miracle!

Today we have been driving around a little bit here on the south of Tenerife.
We went down to El Medano, which is the little peak out in the sea, close to the airport.

I always check myself out in the ladies mirror that's on
the backside of the sun shield.

It was windy at El Medano, but nice sunny weather.

Clas posing like the men do on the pictures in
the mail-order catalogs.

We walked down to this little "barn" restaurant at
the beach front.

Had coffee and a delicious fish tapas.

Sunbathing on the cliffs.

Later we took a trip up to Granadilla and San Miguel.

It was a lot of people walking along the road between
San Miguel and Valle San Lorenzo.
It looked like some kind of a pilgrim walk was going on?
Some of the people were dressed in nice costumes and hats...

There was a lot of horses and we had to pass them
carefully when they seamed to be scared of the car.

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