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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Media made a shameless use of Susan Boyle?

The final of "The Britain's got talent" is tonight.
Is she going to make it?
I hope so and keep my thumbs up.

There is a big competitor in Shaheen Jafargholi, a 12 years old singer who is very good.
I also get goose bumps when I listen to him. Please click here to listen to him.

My opinion is, despite his talent, that he has got the whole life to become a big star and he will for sure become one and he is already one.
Susan, on the other hand, is old and she probably needs this victory to get to the point where she can do her "mission" and bless the people around her with her, of God created, voice.

There is for sure a time for all our "missions" to come through and I believe that this is the time for Susan Boyle.
She has already been a blessing for the whole world and the way in which she got the breakthrough looks to me like God has a part in it.
She is a good testimony for the saying "there is always a God given destiny even when it don't look like that".
Her breakthrough can give us all hope and we can understand that all our lives have got a sense or a destiny.

By the way, do you know what your destiny is?
If not, you must start checking out the desires in your heart.
The God given destiny is already in your heart, and it many times agree with your own "secret dreams".

He,he! Do I sound like a preacher now?
I think it's okay! Let's say this is like a "Whitsun sermon" to you.

Some days ago it wasn't sure if Susan would compete or not when she felt, according to the media, that the pressure on her was more than she could handle. My question is was this only a trick of the media to get selling headlines?
However, today she says she would never miss out this chance to win and she is charging the batteries on a secret address.

If you like to read about Susan in Swedish, please visit Aftonbladet by
clicking here.

The last program of The Swedish Robinson 2009 is also broadcast tonight and my favorite is Jarmo.

I wish you all a nice blessed weekend.

1 comment:

Sue & Norm said...

Well what a final Susanne i think the winners Diversity really deserved the title. I know you wanted Susan to win !! how do you feel now after watching the show?
Love Sue