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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Eurovision Song Contest

Many people are probably just waiting for the contest to start now.
Here we have got wires hanging up in the ceiling from the studio all the way into the living room.
Clas has got an idea that he will listen to the Finnish Swedish commentator over the internet at the same time as he watch the program.

I heard today that Germany have consulted a world famous striptease lady to join their contribution to get more promotion in the media.
The question is now; I she really going to strip of everything?
However, The Eurovision song contest is not anymore what it used to be.

I haven't decided to watch or not yet when the music is not really my taste.
I like non of the songs I have heard so far and think it's really a shame.
But, the question is, how can I avoid to watch it when there will be music all around me?

Clas is prepared and just wait now...
The room is made dark and everything.

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