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Monday, May 18, 2009

Our trip to Sta Cruz

Oh what a day!
I got a surprise at the hospital in Sta Cruz when the doctor put a tube through the nose down into the stomach and told me it has to stay there until tomorrow.
This means we have to return to Sta Cruz tomorrow.

The manometry test, which he did first today, was not terrible at all.
I had to swallow a small very thin tube and then lay down on a bed and while I was laying there the doctor gave me small drinks of water that I had to swallow.
A computer was, during the examination, writing like a diagram of how my esophagus works.
The feeling was quite the same like now, when I have a similar tube going down to the stomach.

I can live like "normal" until tomorrow, but the tube is connected to a small "apparatus" that is hanging in a belt around my waist and I'm not allowed to have a shower.
I will anyhow try to wash my hair tonight because if I don't it will look terrible tomorrow and we are probably going out on town in Sta Cruz after the appointment at the hospital, like we did today.

The recorder that I carry at the waist is registering when the acids in my stomach flows into the lower esophagus and it also records the degree of acidity.
I have to push different buttons when I eat , lay down, sit up and if I get a heartburn etc.

The sun comes up between Tenerife and Gran Canaria.
It's seldom we get out of the bed before the sun rises and
get pictures like this one.

Me with the tube in the nose.

When we got out from the hospital we went to
Mc Donalds for breakfast.
Yes! I can eat and swallow normally!

Then we went out on town.
This is my favorite shopping street in Sta Cruz.
We also visited Ikea and Alcampo today.
I bought a lot of stuff but no clothes when I hardly
couldn't try them on.
Clas bought a funny music instrument...
Maybe he's going to blog about it on his blog...?

Back in Los Cristianos.
Nice weather every day now!

Me with the "apparatus".
Guess if people were staring at me today
when I was out shopping having the tube in the nose!

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