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Friday, February 20, 2009

Back at La Karina Country

Who do you think forgot the camera last night? Me, of course! I had it in the bag!
I try to remember it tonight.

We were crowded at La Karina Country yesterday.
A surprise was that over 20 tourists from Finland visited us. We seldom see people from our country.
Many times the tourists who come from our area in Finland stand outside listening but they don't come in. Some even prefer to be anonymous when the culture tells you to be timid and reserved.
They are exactly acting in the opposite way of the Americans, who directly step forward and say hello and who are very open minded.
Clas and I are more like the Americans since we lived there but that's a parenthesis.
Some people think we became "Americanised" in the states.

About 90 % of the guests yesterday were from Scandinavia and we played the danceable music they like, the whole night through, and people were dancing.
I sang almost all the songs we had and my throat is still hurting terribly. Hopefully I'm not hoarse tomorrow.
Clas had problem with his voice and could only sing a few songs.
His cold is getting better now but I have still a soar throat and fever.

The police also visited us last night and said we have to take down the volume even when it was not loud at all. Seems like the persecution will continue.
But they didn't say anything about the signs this time which is good.
We moved our light sign to this restaurant after we were told that we are not allowed to have it on display at the other one.

Thanks to the bush telegraph! Without our signs in the daytime nobody can see that we play at La Karina in the night, but so many people still seem to know about it.
Many tourists who visited us before in Los Cristianos have now found us in the new places.

Our friends from Denmark had checked out the neighborhood yesterday and told us that the other restaurants that have entertainment didn't have any guests. Only one of them had a few tables in.
We really wish there would be enough of guests to everybody. We are so tired of the jellousy and the visits of the police and we hope we'll not get the same problem as at Lewinski before when the neighbors started calling the police and complaining about our sound when we were crowded.

The tourists like country music and that's why we get many people in + the food is also nice at La Karina.
If a restaurant choose a music style that is not popular they will stay empty.
It's that simple!

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