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Saturday, February 21, 2009

German Coarse Rye Bread

My breakfast today.

I heard a Swedish man talking with a couple about the German breads one day in the shop and he said there is one that tastes very well. When they walked away I went over to the shelf and took the one he recommended.
Oh, it's really lovely! I am so happy now! Now we can have coarse rye bread all the time and don't have to order it from Finland.
I have tried some of the other German breads on the shelf before but they haven't been what I am looking for.

A hint to you who live on Tenerife or is on the way to Tenerife:

Buy this German bread, called Mix from the Carolina shop in Los Cristianos.
On the counter further in the corner they have got American Coleslaw salad which you can put on the bread. Then you don't need any butter.
Then you buy Havarti cheese at the cheese counter, that one is better than the one in the packages, and you put on one slice to cover the sandwich.
In the end you put fresh cucumber on the top.
I promise, it's really lovely! My favorite sandwich right now!

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