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Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is Tenerife

I will show you some nice pictures from our paradise island.
Some people only stay at the hotel and in the towns during their visits and
they don't discover the island at all.
I would like to recommend you all to do something special next time you arrive.
Here is a big range of activities to do.

Rent a car and drive around the island.
Border the Columbus ship and go and see the dolphins.
Let the submarine take you 20 m down under the water.
Visit the Loro park, the Jungle park or the Monkey park.
Go to Siam Park and swim in the tsunami waves.
Join a hike tour in the mountains.
Visit the Mercedes mountains or the Masca valley.
Fly in a small plane around the island.
Go out fishing with the big fishing boats.
Stay over night in the hotel on Teide and look at the stars.
Join a jeep safari tour and get to places you never seen before.
Go by taxi up to the mountains and eat the Spanish cuisine.
Do whatever..there are so many things to do that I can't tell them all!

Tenerife is a volcano island.
Mount Teide 3918 m.

Nice nature with steeping cliffs.
The beach of Los Gigantes.

Nice beaches.
The Teresitas beach in Sta Cruz.

Nice pools.
The pool of hotel Abama.

Nice spas.
Gran Melia Palacio spa of Isora.

Nice Hotels.
Grand Hotel in Bahia Del Duque.

Nice restaurants.

Night life.
Las Americas by night.

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