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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beautiful Beds

I would like to make our bed looking something like this.

Or like this.

This is how our bed looks now.
Very simple!


Sue & Norm said...

The beds looks nice but to me thats a show home and not a home to be lived in . fancy having to take all that off every night then putting it back in the morning!! Me i just like to hop on the bed any old time so does Norm.We often have a cuddle on the bed . Well that would be out if all that stuff was on the bed. Plain and simple for us. What do your other bloggers think???

Susanne said...

Hi Sue,
I think the most of the people don't like to have a bed with a lot of stuff to take off.
He,he! Lucky me when Clas thinks it's okay if I just take care of making the bed. He likes when it looks nice!
I like home furnishing and have a lot of stuff and decorations on display everywhere in our home.
A lady who visited us a couple of weeks ago thought it almost looks like in a shop, but it's not really so much in my opinion.