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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Paparazzi Photo

Something is really going on in the neighbor house!
A young lady moved in before Christmas and she has new men visiting her all the time.
She kisses and cuddles with them out on the balcony, so that everybody can see it, and in the end they just disappear down behind the fence.
Ones she had two black men there in the same time and all of them suddenly disappeared behind the fence of the balcony.

Today I just had to take a paparazzi photo! But now I'm not sure if you are going to call me a bad neighbor or a gossiper?
Is it right to take a paparazzi photo of the neighbor?
I decided anyhow to not show their faces...!


Anonymous said...

Hope you both feel better soon.
Nice drop of Brandy hot bath and warm bed with someone to snuggle up to does the trick for me.
Sue xx

Susanne said...

Thank you!
Sounds very nice!
Susanne xx