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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Line dancing in the snow

Isn't this a nice photo?
We got it through the facebook from our friends Frances and Mick in England a couple of days ago.
They are partner line dancing in the snow in Horsham which is south of London, close to Brighton.
We look forward seeing you in March!


38 Step said...

What's not to love? Line dancing in the snow :) Very nice :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice to see Mick and Frances again. We met them at La Karina on January 14th and talked a lot about linedancing in England and Germany. Susanne and Clas, we loved your music and enjoyed dancing on vacation. Thanks for a good time. Hope the problems with the police will be solved. It's not fair that they don't let you put up your signs outside the bar anymore.
Gerda and Rick from Germany