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Monday, February 09, 2009

On the dance floor

Oh dear, Why can't some of our guests behave on the dance floor?
They dance in a high speed without taking any notes of the other dancers.
Many times using the elbows to be really evil.
A couple of days ago it again looked like a fight was on the way,
but praise God it stopped before it really took off.

The war is always between the couple dancers and the line dancers.
Many of the songs we play fit both styles and that's when the problem occur.
The most of the restaurants here on Tenerife don't have any constabularies who take care of offending guests. And the only thing we can do is to stop the music immediately and hope it will solve the problem.
We have many times, where we played before, had people high on drugs interrupting the guests and us on the stage without any effort.
Ones a guest took over and throw out a guest!

Before at Lewinski we some nights had to start acting like the police
when some of the guests never stopped pushing.
We tried to split the dance floor in two areas, one for the couple dancers
and the other one for the line dancers, but somehow there were always
some guests who "forgot" about the rules and stepped in high speed
straight into the line dancers area so that they loosed the steps and almost fell over.
I mean "forgot" because you could see on some of them that they did it on purpose!

This resembles harassment and it's very childish when adults start ganging up each other! Stupid that I even have to blog about it!
In our place all the dance styles are welcome and we don't accept any kind of abuse on the dance floor.
Anybody who has attended a dance class knows that there are rules about how to behave on the floor! Do you need a repetition? Click here.

It's not fun when some guests start feeling upset and leave the restaurant.
We like all the guests to be happy and with just a little kindness between
the dancers we think it will be alright.

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