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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back to La Karina

I'm so sorry now and have to apologize.
We have played two nights at La Karina Country and I have forgot to take any photos.
It hasn't been as many guests as at the other place but people have been dancing and the nights have passed quickly.

Tonight we are back at the "main" La Karina close to the hotel Tenerife Sol.
I look forward to play there tonight and we have been there in the afternoon
doing a sound check.
It's amazing how quick you get used to a place. It almost felt like coming
home when we got there today.

We have now got two different sound systems and it's good we don't have to move all the equipment from one restaurant to an other when we change place in the middle of the week. We only move a few things.

The only problem now is that I don't have a wireless microphone at La Karina yet, but we will order one from Germany.
I can't do as much line dancing as I usually do before I get it and it will probably be more line dancing at La Karina Country.

By the way, the neighbor restaurants have now moved their signs from the street!
Now it looks deserted in every place, but I can't still understand why the police forbid the restaurants to serve the tourists by having the menu and the information about the entertainment out at the street.
For sure many people will go out in the daytime now, and look for us, without finding the place.
It's really like working against the tourism when many of the tourists like to listen to their favorite music in the nights and like in our case do line dancing.
Customer service has never been an important thing here, like it seems, and that is something you will discover while you spend your vacation here on the island.

How are you going to find the right place where to eat now when you can't look at the menu out at the street?
There are a few pearls of restaurants with good service and food and you will easily find them when they always are very crowded in the nights.

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