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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The cold

My voice is getting back now, but I have still got a soar throat, fever and a terrible muscular pain and I have to blow the nose all the time and I'm coughing like crazy.
But our plan is to start tomorrow if I just can make it.

Clas is better now but he is still coughing and it's whining from his chest when he is breathing.
He called Scandishop earlier today and ordered a prawn sandwich, to be sure he will get one, and now he is there eating it. The Scandishop has very delicious sandwiches and to go there for breakfast or lunch is a good idea.

He promised to go to Hooters later and buy chicken wings, take away, and we will have them with celery and blue cheese dip. Yum-yum!
The Hooters chicken wings are the best ones on the island! They taste exactly like in America!

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