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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A nightmare

I had a dream last night that a family with a baby came to see us at the restaurant where we played.
They had visited our venue here on Tenerife before and they were so happy to be back.
Their little baby boy was so cute and I hugged him.
Then I suddenly saw that he had a lot of white small louses behind the ear.
I didn't say anything but took a couple of steps backwards.
Then I looked down on my hands and there were a lot of louses creeping around.
I became so chocked that I woke up immediately.
Thank God it was only a dream!
I have like a phobia when it comes to insects, spiders and worms.

I will go to bed now... Hopefully I don't continue dreaming about louses.. *shiver*

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Anonymous said...

Fact is, we have a lot of friends among our guest that return year after year to the venue. They of course want to hug and kiss, but in the same time transfers a lot of bacteria and such from being at crowded places like Airports etc. We constantly get flu and colds because of this. A read about a man that stopped shaking hands with people 23 years ago. He have not been ill since then.