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Monday, February 16, 2009

To Santa cruz

It's our day off today but Clas is having a cold and has been laying in the bed the whole day.
I went up 8.30 in the morning and went for shopping to Santa Cruz.
Oh, it has been such a lovely day. I bought some stuff but not so much when I had to carry everything myself.

The best bargain of the day is a pair of suede boots with a lot of fringes, that I bought at Stradivarius. I will take a photo tomorrow and show them to you.
I am so lucky, because I saw them at Stradivarius here in the south of the island before but my size was sold out... and now I got a pair in any case.

I had lunch at the Comelo'n buffet, at the Mediterranean shopping center, for the first time today.
This buffet is quite popular among the Canaries.
The price is only 10 Euros per person and there are so many dishes that you can't have it all.

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