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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My outfit last night

I would like to document my outfits but the problem is that I forget to take photos all the time.
I think it maybe will be interesting for me, later when I become retired, to just look at the different clothes I had on the stage and in that way remember the old good times.

I try to have new outfits every night and my goal is that the tourists never would see me twice on the stage in the exactly same outfit while they are here.

Some people think it's a waste of resources to change clothes all the time, but I see it more like a hobby that I have. And when I have used a piece a few times I give it away to charity.
I only throw away boots and shoes when they get old or broken, and clothes that somehow have become miss colored.
I like fashion and to plan outfits + the shopping, and this way of living fits me perfectly.

There's a lot of outfits and combination that have passed through the last years, when we mostly have played six nights a week, and I regret that I haven't got photos of them all.
It would have been such a nice collection to look at.

The outfit on the photo above is from last night.
On the feet I had the new brown fringe boots.

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