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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Carnival 2009

The carnival parade in Los Cristianos will this year be held on Sunday, March 15th.
Don't miss it out if you are on Tenerife!
It's quite a big parade and it takes about 2-3 hours to watch.
The carnival starts already on March 6th.
Do you like to look at the program, click here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susanne, I agree that if it followed the same schedule as the last few years, then the date of the parade in Los Cristianos should have been the 8th, but the information I have Programa del Carnaval de Los Cristianos 2009 (my translation here) is that it is going to be a week later this year, on Sunday, March 15th. I'd hate for you to be waiting by the side of the road and nothing happens on the 8th, but if you have any other information, posters, etc., locally, I'd love to know because I'm worried about giving people the right information.

Susanne said...

You are right Pamela,
Thanx a lot!