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Monday, April 27, 2009

Our big island tour

The tour guides here on Tenerife arrange "big island tours" and
"small island tours", and I think the tour we made today is something
similar to the big island tours.
We left at 10 o'clock in the morning and came back home
around 5.30 in the afternoon.
It has been a lovely day.

We started our day by having breakfast at
a restaurant called Sira in Guia Isora.

A cute donkey in Tamaimo.
It was very stubborn and looked away
when I was going to take the photo.
But I can be stubborn too and I didn't give up and
finally it looked the right way.

Some unemployed camels at the camel park in Tanque.
It's a lack of tourists on Tenerife now.

A Canarian tractor.

Garachico from the view point up on the mountain.

The nature is more green in the north part of the island.

Me at the pier in Puerto De La Cruz.

Big waves at the pier.

The harbor of Puerto De La Cruz.

Fishing nets placed along the bridge.

Lunch at our favorite restaurant called
Marec in Puerto De La Cruz.
We had grilled prawns, garlic bread and salat.

"La Tarta", means "the cake" in English.
It got this look when ashes in different colors
blowed down from the volcano.

Me at "La Tarta".

On the way up to Teide.
Teide is the volcano of Tenerife. (3918 m.)

Like always the weather was nice in the National park of Teide.

These famous Teide flowers start blooming now.
Are they called Teide buglosses in English?

Back down to Los Cristianos.
It looks like it has been a cloudy day in the south of the island?

Back home we rested for a while and then we went out for dinner.

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