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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Day

I started the day by having a sandwich and coffee at the Bananas bar.

Then I went by taxi to the hospital.
The taxi driver was driving fast with all the windows wide open.
My hair went into a mess and I had to keep it in a tail during the whole travel.
This is Tenerife! *sigh*

In the waiting room.

I thought this was the last visit at the hospital before the surgery,
but learned that this was only the beginning.

I met the surgeon who is going to correct my hernia.
He explained everything and I know now what he is
going to do with me.
He like to check me out carefully before the operation and I got 5
new referrals to different examinations.
Four will be done at the hospital here in town and one will be done at the hospital in Sta Cruz, which is the main capital here on the island.

I don't know what all these examinations are called in English but in Spanish it says:
Manometria Esofagica y PH metria (in Sta cruz)
Transito Esofago-Gastroduodenal
Torax PA
Glucosa, Creatinina, Sodio, potasio, Cloro, Tiempo de protombina INR,
Tiempo de Cefalina APPT, Hemograma Completo.

If you are a nurse or a doctor you probably know what it's all about.

Sorry, that I blog much about the hospital and the illness now.
If I knew it would take such a long time and that it would
deserve so many different examinations I probably
would have kept it a secret.
I thought it will only be a couple of visits at the hospital +
the surgery, and then it's over.

I am very tired of the illness and the hospital visits now and
would like to concentrate on something more positive instead.
All my spare time goes to be at different examinations,
which is not fun, and I think some of you will get tired of
reading about the illness all the time.


Carola said...

Sko dom int kunna ta Ekg, Thorax röntgen o blodproven på samma besök? Inget av he tar ju nån längre tid...

Susanne said...

Jo, de kommer att göra så.
Dom fixar fyra av remisserna på samma dag, är redan inbokad, men den sista skall jag ta i Sta Cruz.