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Sunday, April 26, 2009

No tourists

It's very quiet in Los Cristianos now.
I think I only saw about 6-8 people in the whole neighborhood where we live when I went out to the bakery earlier today.
Normally it's very crowded (50-100 people) in the restaurants on our street.

You get an unusual senses when it's so quiet and you start wondering if Teide ( the volcano here on the island) has had an eruption and everybody have been evacuated.
Or has Jesus come back and everybody has been caught up except me? *smile*

It's only a few days to May which is the most quiet month in the whole year.
I don't know why nobody likes to come to Tenerife in May but think it maybe has to do with the preparation of the school examinations and maybe not many people get vacation this time in the year.

Tomorrow when it's our day off we will rent a car and take a trip along the west coast of Tenerife. We will go all the way up to the north of the island and I will show you photos from our journey later.

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