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Monday, April 06, 2009

Our night off

We went to Kiki Riki tonight and had a fondue.
Normally we make the fondues at home when we have got a pot and everything but tonight we were too lazy.

Look what a nice car was out on the street when we went over to the restaurant.
I asked the owner if I could take a photo of it and he only looked satisfied and agreed.
The car is very low. Maybe it reaches up to my breast.

Last night when I went over to the fruit shop in our neighborhood, dressed in my cowgirl outfit (short skirt and boots but no hat), there was an other very nice little car on the street. A small beige cab.
The car followed me and when I came out from the fruit shop the car was there waiting on the street and it followed me and parked outside our apartment.
I think it was somebody who knew who I am and who maybe wanted to see where we live.
The man didn't even try to be discreet in the way he watched me but did really stare at me.
I can only blame myself. Normally I don't go out shopping in the cowgirl outfit but we needed some fruits for the night meal and this happened in the very last minute before we would leave for work.

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