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Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Day Off

It's Monday today and it has been a really lovely day.
We had sun from a clear sky and it has been + 26 degrees, which means the summer is on the way.
It's the same every year. When the Scandinavians leave the warm weather arrive.

I had today an appointment at the Hospiten Sur (The green hospital) at 12.00 in the noon.
My gastroscopy doctor, Prados Barroso, was going to take out the polype that I have got in the stomach.
I like him very much when he seems to be such a nice person and he gives me the best treatment I can have, even when it's expensive for the insurance company.
He also treat me directly, as soon as I can, and I don't have to queue.
He only speaks Spanish, but I get an interpreter every time who translate from Spanish to Swedish.

The surgery took about 15 minutes and I was put to sleep and don't remember anything of it.
The only thing I know (maybe I was dreaming?) was when they put the tube down and that took maybe about 3 seconds and didn't hurt at all. Then I fell to sleep.
But I am not sure, maybe I was dreaming about it?

The anaesthetist put a shot in my arm and the liquid in it made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and then I fell to sleep.
She stayed in the room during the whole surgery and watched me.
I would almost like to have the shot one more time when it feels so good.
But of course, it's some kind of drug and I understand that it would be very dangerous for me to try drugs when I get such a nice feeling from it.
Maybe I would become addicted directly and destroy my life for the rest of my life?
I have never tried any narcotics in my life and will not do it either!

When I went through the gastroscopy examination the first of April, there was only one polype.
Now I had four and he took them all away.
They will now be sent to a laboratory where they are going to check out if they are kind or evil.
Hopefully kind! I think so!

I know people in Finland who have got about thirty polypes in the stomach and the doctors there mean it's a waist of time to take them away.
I had only four, but I am glad the doctor decided to take them away when you can't see on them if they are going to change to bad ones later.

Clas was the assistant to take me home from the hospital again and I don't remember much from the travel in the taxicab or when we walked out from the hospital.
When we got out from the taxi at home Clas told me that our friends Jack and Maives were sitting at the restaurant that is in the neighborhood.
I tried to get an agreement from him that we would go there to eat and talk to them, but he didn't agree when he thought that the other guests probably would believe that I was high on something which would give me a bad reputation.
There was also a risk that I would fall to sleep as soon as I sat down.
It's good to have a cleaver husband when you have went through an experience with anaesthetic involved.

When we came in I like dived into the bed and fell to sleep, Clas told me.
I slept for a couple of hours with all the jeweleries on and I even had the shoes on which Clas did take off.

When I woke up I put on a makeup, had a lunch and went out shopping.
I found a lot of stuff and I will show you tomorrow what I bought.

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