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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Again to Hospiten Sur

I left the bed already 9.30 this morning because I had again an appointment at the hospital.
This time I met a throat, nose and ear specialist.
This doctor put an instrument into my throat and looked at the vocal cords and I had to say "e" and "i".
Everything was okay like I thought before I went there. No polypes and no inflammation.
It's the hernia that causes my soar throat and now when I take the Nexium pills I don't have any problem with it anymore.

I'm so tired of running to the hospital now.
Tomorrow I have to go there again and meet the surgeon who is going to fix the hernia.
Like it seems they have a specialist for every little thing at the hospital and now I am like in a chess game and they move me back and forth from one specialist to an other.
But , of course, I shouldn't complain. It's good to get everything checked out.

I had breakfast at Bar Bananas this morning.

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