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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The gastroscopy again

Now I am normal again and will blogg about what happened at the hospital today.
Clas was not allowed to make a video clip of the examination but the doctor took a few photos of how it looks inside my stomach, that I got.
I have decided to not show them here on the blog when somebody could give me a wrong diagnosis. The photos have a good sharpness and you can see everything clearly.

First I had to lay down on the bed and a nurse put a cannula into my arm.
Then she told me to bite around a ring that she put into my mouth and locked it with a rubber band around my head so that it couldn't be removed.
Then she took one more cannula and put it into the first one that was in my arm.

After that I only remember that the doctor put gloves on his hands and he took the tube that had like a handle in the end and he put a gel on the end of it.
Then i know that he was on the way to put it into my mouth, but then I don't know anything.
Next thing that I know is that he took it out, but I am not sure if I have just been dreaming about it.

After that they have somehow moved me to the room next door and Clas came in to see me.
I have been talking with him but when he tells me about what we talked about it just feels like a dream for me. Everything is unreal.

After a while we went home by taxi, but that is also like a dream for me.
I had told him that I feel very well and that I will go out shopping to Sara.
But he told me to go home and rest for a while first.
I told him that I like to have something to eat and he put me to sleep in the bed and went out and bought me a sandwich in the restaurant next door to where we live.
When he came back I woke up and had it and then I fell asleep again and woke up four hours later.

I have now got a new appointment after two weeks and then they will tell me the diagnosis.

My experience is that this was absolutely not terrible at all.
I could do it again tomorrow without any problem.

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