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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Diagnosis

I met the gastroscopy doctor yesterday and got to know what kind of treatment they are going to give me.
I have a small polype in the stomach and they are going to take it away already on Monday.
This means I will have to go to hospital on our next day off and they will put me to sleep again and take it out.
It's not anything dangerous with the small polype when it's still very small, but they like to take it away anyhow.

Then on Wednesday I will see a surgeon who I haven't met before.
My throat has got a hernia that is three cm long and he is the one who is going to fix that problem.
When everything is fixed I will be in good health again and I really look forward to that day.
I am so tired of being ill now when I have had 38-39 degrees of fever every afternoon the last 8 days because of the cold.
I got a new cure of antibiotics yesterday for the sinuses.

We have been playing the three last nights and I have had pills that keep the fever down to make it.
The polype elimination will not have any effect on our schedule at La Karina and we will play like normal.

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