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Monday, April 06, 2009

San Isidro

I decided to go out shopping today when it's our day off.
I got up already at 8.30 in the morning and went to restaurant La Salud, that is opposite the bus stop in Los Cristianos, to have a breakfast.

The shop in Los Cristianos has again run out of silk stockings and they don't know when they are going to get more and every time this happens I have to go to San Isidro where I can find a similar shop.
Last year I directly bought all the silk stockings that were my size as soon as they arrived to the Cristianos shop and it was so many that they lasted until now.

I was so surprised today. It's about one year since I last visited San Isidro and I was blogging about how crazy it was to get from the bus stop to the town.
You had to climb over fences and pass exit roads leading from the motorway where cars were speeding and it was no sight, and you had to climb up the hill to the bridge that goes over the motorway..etc.
It was a frightening experience.
Now there is a new bridge and the buses are now going into the town to let off the passengers.
Very nice!

The bus was almost empty.
I planned everything carefully in the morning and even remembered to bring the bonobus card that gives me about 50% discount off the bus fare but of course it didn'twork.
The card had expired and I had to pay full price.

The main street in San Isidro.

The shop had only a few silk stockings left and i bought them all.
I'll have to use them carefully now because I refuse to work on the stage without wearing silk stockings. I will also have to watch the shop in Cristianos carefully so that I can buy more as soon as the new ones arrive. This is Spain!
Here they don't seem to think much about logistics and they many times miss out the good business!

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