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Monday, April 06, 2009

My acquisitions

Blue jeans skirt, Blue T-shirt, White jeans jacket, Blue scarf.

Gray jacket, White T-shirt, Gray scarf.

Pink T-shirt, Pink leggings.
I had the scarf since before but I see on this photo that it doesn't match.
I have to buy an other one. It's still very popular to wear scarfs here on Tenerife.


Sue & Norm said...

Great stuff please blog about your meals out as well as your shopping i really miss reading your blogs.
What lovely clothes you have bought today guess we will be seeing them in September.
Norm and me will be eating out in September when we come as we are staying in an apartment so we are watching where the good places are to eat.. I liked the look of the pork steaks they are one of your favorites. Nancy And Bill said there is a good fish restaurant that they will take us to we both love fish.
Bye for now
Sue xx

Susanne said...

Hi again,
Maybe it's "La Ancla" that will be located in the old "El Pote" restaurant that almost looks like a castle inside?
La Ancla was before in El Fraile but they now move and wil be located between Las Americas and Los Cristianos and it's one of the best fish restaurants on the island.
We plan to go there as soon as they open with a couple from Sweden.
The couple know the owner and he always make a special menu for them that is like a demonstration of all the different dishes they make in the restaurant and we have had in one time before and can't wait to get it again.
Susanne xx