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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I will soon go to bed because tomorrow morning I have an appointment at the green hospital.
It's not going to be fun when I will have to swallow a camera so that they can look inside my stomach.

I was to my insurance company today and they promised to pay all the expenses which is nice.
My doctor said I can sing like normal in the night and that's also nice.

I have heard a couple of stories about how terrible it is to have a gastroscopy examination and I will tell you about the experience later.
The interpreter at the hospital told me that they will put me to sleep, but everybody keep telling me that you only get an anesthesic spray in the throat and a pill that makes you reasonable.
I anyhow really look forward getting this done and hope to get some kind of diagnosis.

Clas will also come to the hospital. I was told to not come alone when I will be quite dizzy afterwords and will probably need someone to look after me so that I can get back home.

Now I have asked Clas to film the whole thing when I like to see how it looks inside my stomach.
All the people who have an experience of gastroscopy tell me that I can see the TV screen myself during the examination, but I was told at the hospital that I will not remember anything from the occasion.
That's why I will ask for permission to film tomorrow to be sure I don't miss it out.
Hopefully they agree.

Last week when I was at the hospital I had to swallow a small tube that they put in through the nose and that was no problem , but this time they are going to use a bigger one.
Please, wish me good luck...Have a nice day.

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