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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is not the gigolo I met today!

The culture here on Tenerife is far away from the culture of Finland where we come from.
Here the "chicas" daily add zest to themselves and the guys openly show their appreciation by cheerful shouts and whistles.
Some men here seems to be hot like potatoes and they are continuously out hunting for new quarries.
Many times they even hang out from the car window screaming after you.
They like long hair, high heels and short skirts.
If you have all these things + light hair color they will act like crazy.
I had light hair before but changed it to dark and then it calmed down a little bit.

Today when I walked into Vista Sur there was a good looking man, a real gigolo with a muscular body, who stopped me and started telling me quietly how pretty he thought I was. *laugh!*
What can you do? I just said; Oh, thank you! and smiled.
But he didn't give up!
He asked me out for dinner tonight and even offered me his phone number.
I told him that I am married and then he just wished me good luck.

If somebody in Finland would behave like this on the street the people would think the person is crazy.
You know in Finland a real queen can show up without anybody showing an expression!

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