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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Plenty To Do...

I have been out shopping today and bought among other things some make up and a lot of silk stockings.
I hope I will be provided with silk stockings until Christmas at least.

To be on the safe side I have learned to start looking for more silk stockings as soon as the amount reach down to about 20 pairs.
That's because it can take months before the shop get a new stock.
I don't know why it's like this here on Tenerife.
Is it because of the manana mentality? The fact that we are out on an island in the Atlantic Ocean? Or is it just because they don't know about logistic here?
It's probably a mix of it all together!

I have still a lot of projects that must be done during the vacation.
Don't believe that I just spend the days being lazy in the sun!

- I have to do an all over extensive scouring of the restroom.
- I have to re-plan all the outfits before we start playing again.
- I have to do rehearsal of about 30 songs from the new country shanger.
- I have to plan the songs for our next CD.
- And many other things that I haven't even had time to think about yet....

Oh I really wish the day had at least 50 hours!

Tonight we had salmon in cream sauce for dinner.

We bought vanilla cream sauce at Ikea some days ago and
today I made a crispy apple pie to have with it.
Very delicious!

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Iréne said...

Dear Susanne,

lots of those things are not vaccation it´s work! So I hope you have had your amout of sunshine on the beach, while you were off from work.