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Friday, September 19, 2008

Change over day

It's Friday and a big change over day for the tourists here on Tenerife.
Some of our guests are returning home today and it feels so sad every Thursday night when we have to take farewell of many people.
The planes bring in the same amount of tourists that they take away, of course, and we always become happy again when we see the new guests entering Lewinskis' the next night.
But somehow it always feels little bit sad every time somebody has to leave.

Clas many times larks about and says it would be a good idea for us to play our music out at the airport on Fridays and Tuesdays when the terminal is packed with people.
How you would arrange it practically I don't know. I think the tourists are already almost at home in their minds when they get back to the airport.
Maybe they are little bit fed up with our music too, when many do visit us every night even when they are on the island for a forth night or for three weeks.

We try to mix up the repertoire from night to night but there are many songs that we play every night. Specially the popular line dance songs.
And the songs Clas sings are the same almost every night when he avoids to take new songs.
He remembers all the chords in the songs without any problems, but thinks it's really difficult to learn lyrics. He like me to sing all the time, but I try to get him to sing as much as possible.
And really! He has got a few new songs now!

At least fifty percents of our audience come back to the island every year.
Some of the guests come many times every year and we are continuously working on new songs to put into the repertoire to try to sound more fresh when they come to see us.
Without new songs we would soon grow weary.
You become so tired of some of the songs when you play them six nights a week.

I like to learn new songs and right now when I have got about 25 new songs it really feels like being into some kind of revival.
It's so fun to go to the work every night and I just love to sing the new songs.
The only problem right now is that I can't sing them all every night when they are so many. Some nights I don't even get time to sing the ones that really are my favorites.

We have learned that a big part of the audience like the old country hits most which means we also need to continue playing them. We can't play only new country or famous line dance songs a whole night through but have to mix the repertoire with a little bit of everything.

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