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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Some people think I shop too much, but it's not my problem! Or our problem!
Clas thinks shopping and outfits are as important as having proper tools in any job.

Shopping is nice but it's a hard job to find new stuff all the time.
I always have a list of missing pieces of clothes in my brain (for both Clas and me) and when I go out shopping I look for them in the first place.
Sometimes I find a piece that I like very much and buy it, but then I maybe need an other piece or jewelery to match with it to get the outfit complete. This means I can't start using the outfit before I have found all the pieces which is quite frustrating.

Clas has got about the same amount of clothes that I have. The only difference is that he many times buy 10-20 pieces in one day and I buy a little at time.

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james said...

hi susanne sorry i was just wondering if you got the email i sent to you private mailbox.

bye for now sarah-jayne from ireland