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Monday, September 15, 2008

Just a normal day

I am very busy today.
Have to do the laundry, clean the house, do the dishes, ironing and I also start doing the training again today. If I get some extra time I will practise some new songs that will end up on the next CD that will be released in October-November or as soon as it gets ready.

Clas is at James saloon to get the hair cut.
He asked the ladies in the audience the other night to vote if he would keep his hair long or if he would cut it short and the most of them thought it would be better to keep it long. Thank God!
I really wonder if he would have cut it short if they had prefer that. I like him to have long hair in the neck.

Tomorrow Clas is going to teach me how to edit video clips. I will every now and then publish short videos here on the blog.
I made one yesterday but it was too big in size to publish when I haven't learned how to get it smaller yet.

It was a lovely night at Lewinski last night. Very crowded. But maybe that's stupid to say now when all the nights are crowded and none of them are poor.

We have been playing line dances from the speakers until twelve thirty the last weeks.
That's because we have had so many dancers and when we finish at twelve o' clock many people do stay for at least half an hour more on the terrace, which is nice.
During this time the dancers can make requests for different dances and we play them in the winamp if we have got them. We have got a folder with about 400 line dances in the laptop and I think we have got all the new ones there.
If there's a song that we don't have we try to bring it the next night when we have got more songs in my computer at home.
Don't hesitate to ask for your favorite dance when you visit us.
Have a nice evening!

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