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Friday, September 12, 2008

Our day off

This day has been so lovely!
Clas didn't wake me up before one thirty in the afternoon.
I went to bed around four o'clock last night and I was so happy when he let me sleep because now I feel so rested. I have slept for almost nine hours!
It's nice to have a long sleep night every now and then.

He woke me up and invited me for a lunch out on the town and we decided to go to Fados as many times before when that is our favorite lunch restaurant.

After the meal Clas went to meet people from the tourism information of the government here on Tenerife.
They like to give information about our venues to the tourists which is really nice.
They are going to hand out leaflets about the Lewinski bar and us to the tourists who ask where to go in the nights.

I decided to have an afternoon walk to the Sara fashion shop which is absolutely my favorite shopping place here in the south of Tenerife.
I buy about 40-50% of my outfits there and the most of the pants that Clas use.
I bought a pair of black pants for him there today but he hasn't tried them on yet.
I hope they will fit.

I came back home half an hour ago but we are soon going out again.
We will have the dinner at Restaurant El Toro in Los Cristianos tonight.
They have really lovely fillet steaks and everything they serve you is of the highest quality.
If you like to feel little bit luxury I recommend you to go there for dinner.

I will put up some photos from our meal later tonight.

My Cowboy at Fados.

This prawn salad with avocado is really lovely and we order it every time we go there.

The Indian style is on fashion right now and I bought this nice dress.

This leather belt fitted very nice to the dress so I bought that as well.

When I tried this vest on the top of the dress
it made the outfit look more complete so I had to buy that too.
I like it very much because when you turn it in and out it becomes a beautiful fur vest.

I also bought this blue Indian vest when I thought it looks so cute.

I was about one and a half hour at Sara today and tried on a lot of the new clothes.
They have got a lot of new pieces there since my last visit about a week ago.
Don't miss out to visit Sara when you come to Tenerife!

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