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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why a lot of "Must Do;s" all the time?

I will soon start doing the ironing. Didn't get time to do it the other day. And I have to plan our outfits for tonight too.

I don't understand why my life is so stressing all the time. I have a lot of "must do;s" every day and I never get time enough to get everything done. When am I going to just get a day of rest without a long list with different projects?

I have cut down on my blogging and make only one blog a day now, but I don't feel I have got more time. No, instead I plan even more "must do:s" than before when I think I have got a plenty of time.

There's a long list with line dances I would like to learn too. Wonder when I will get time for that? And some new songs to learn that will end upon our next CD which will be released before Christmas.
I also need to spend a couple of days on shopping soon again to keep the outfits rolling...
I have lost quite a lot of weight and get compliments from the audience every night which is very fun. But loosing weight also brings me a lot of work when I need a lot of new outfits and they are not easy to find.

In December we will have two weeks off and then I will just rest! We will probably go somewhere to get the peace we need.
El Hierro is the best place for us but we will go somewhere else this time.

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