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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Grand Prix Italy

It's the race in Monza, Italy this weekend.
Today when they were practicing Kimi got the best time and Kubica was number two and Heidfield number three.
Lewis Hamilton was number four this time which sounds promising.
I hope Kimi will win this race. He needs the points to not be left too far behind.
Please, keep Kimi in your mind this weekend! *smile*

Our friends Paul and Patricia have returned from England now and they will try to find a restaurant were the race is broad casted in English so that we all can meet there Sunday and watch it together. That's nice.

Clas has been training on the Monza race track (in the simulator) and passed eight cars in 30 seconds and is very proud of it now. He was number nine and after the lucky race he ended up number one!
You can watch the video clip of it on his blog if you like.

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