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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My first video

I have been sitting on the school bench the whole afternoon learning how to edit video clips and how to make a short movie out of them. It has been very fun!
Clas has been the teacher and he explained everything so easily that I understood directly how it works.
He instructed me about one and half an hour and then I started doing experiments on my own which ended with the video below.

I have been producing and been the host of many TV-programs before back in Finland (KRTV-PTV and Malax TV) which also made everything easier. But at that time I always had technicians around me who made the cuts following my instructions. I never had to learn the editing programs myself and now I'm so proud when I can do everything from zero to the end myself.

I had to use the few video clips we already had from last weekend to make this first video but I hope to have more material next time.

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