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Friday, September 05, 2008

Stripping politicians in Finland

When I was a little girl I many times in the summertime slept over in my grandma' and grandpa's house. Early in the mornings, about eight a clock, they used to turn on the radio and when my grandpa' didn't hear well he always tweaked up the volume.
It was like screaming in the whole house and woke up everybody.

The last years when we have been staying in my parents house when we have visited Finland the experience has been the same. My dad put on the radio about eight or nine in the morning and we all wake up to the sound of Radio Vega which is the national radio of Finland.

Now Clas has started streaming the radio over the internet and he has put up speakers both in the studio and out on the balcony which means you can hear the radio everywhere in our home. He put it on almost every day and the volume is quite loudly.
(Clas was as a matter of fact working as a news reporter for this radio before.)

Today the radio editors have been debating, the whole afternoon, about a wall calendar that has been published by one of the parties for the approaching Parliamentary elections.
The thing is that the candidates pose half naked on the photos to try to sell themselves in.

36 % of the Finish people think it's a good marketing and means that the parties need to follow the trends in the society which is a little bit chocking.

Okay! They didn't say how much they have stripped off but the picture I got is that they probably pose in bikinis and shorts. I have tried to find photos of the wall calendar on the internet without any result.

My opinion is that the politicians have to be serious and show an image of responsibility to be trusted by the people for what they do and not devote themselves to lusts in public.
Maybe I'm out but that's what I think.

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