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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Cockroach

Oh I was so scared when I went to bed last night.
We went surfing on the internet when we came home from Lewinski and suddenly Clas saw a big cockroach running over the floor.
He jumped up and run after it to kill it, but it went into our bedroom and hided somewhere behind a closet.
He couldn't find it and I had to go to bed knowing there is a cockroach monster somewhere in the bedroom. It was very scary!
I tried to keep the sheet tight around me so that it wouldn't be able to crawl in under it, but I thought all the time that it was coming up on my pillow which almost made me jumping up from the bed.
Crazy! When I now think about it when it's daylight.
Clas stayed up later than me and I was almost falling to sleep when I suddenly heard a smash.
Good luck! He killed it and I could start sleeping in peace.

It's not often we get a big cockroach into our home. Maybe 2-3 times a year and the most times only out on the balcony.
But ones we had many small ones in the kitchen (about one centimeter long) and had to spray everywhere to get them exterminated. They were living behind the water heater and when we sprayed there about 50 walked out on the wall. I almost went hysterical and it's still like a night mare to think about it. I don't like any types of insects.

I am so happy we found this fresh apartment here in Los Cristianos. Many families have got problems with different vermin here on the island and I probably would get a heart attach if I had to live in some of the houses.

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