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Monday, September 08, 2008

Shopping day

My computer has been occupied by Clas and the director of the Scandinavian Media group, Anders, the whole day.
Clas has been teaching him how to use the program for their website.
I decided to go out shopping and had my breakfast/lunch out in the town.
I went to Fados at the beach front when that's one of our favorite restaurants here in Los Cristianos.

My breakfast/lunch.
I left the white bread untouched like always.

There was some looki-looki men selling stuff to the tourists
and they all came to my table and tried to sell something to me.

I bought these two bracelets.
The price was from beginning 35Euro each but I was haggling
and in the end I got them for 5Euro each!
But then I felt guilty when I know these people don't earn much money
and I gave some tip instead.

The beach of Los Cristianos today.

I was strolling around in the town looking at everything in the shops
but didn't find anything else to buy than this belt and the watch.


Unknown said...

hi again susanne i really like your bracelets that you bought on monday. bye for now sarah-jayne from ireland.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susanne,
Had contact with my sister and understood they visited you and Clas yesterday. We told them how to go to Lewinsky and they found it. They enjoyed the music and found you a lovely couple.
Thank you for giving them a good time

Toos & Humphrey

Susanne said...

Hi Toos and Humphrey,
Yes they visited us.
Thank you for sending them to us.