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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sex and The City

The movie got a lot of positive comments on some of the Swedish blogs about a couple of months ago and I thought I just have to watch it as soon as possible.

First we asked if they have got it at the Big Orange store close to where we live. That's a chain from where you can rent DVD-movies. But no, they haven't got it yet.

Then I sent an e- mail to my son when he was on the way to come and see us and asked him to get a copy for us if possible. But no, he couldn't find it in Finland either.

Finally last Sunday when we were watching the Grand Prix out in town with Paul and Patricia a "looki-looki man" suddenly showed up with a lot of DVD:s that he liked to sell.
We asked him if he has got "Sex and the city". And surprise, surprise! He had it!
We bought it for five Euros and I was so lucky! Couldn't almost wait the night through at Lewinski so that we could go home and watch it.

We know that you shouldn't buy DVD:s from these dealers when it's not right, but this time we made a compromise when we can't get it anywhere else.

When we finally got home after the work Clas started preparing for a "cinema night" but after a while he said he has decided to not watch it. Why? I asked flabbergasted.

He,He! The movie had been recorded somewhere at a cinema with a video camera and the picture was quite dirty grey. But the worse thing was the sound!
You couldn't hardly hear what the actors said and there was a lot of sound from the people who were sitting in the cinema.
They were messing around with their bags of candies and they were eating chips and popcorns and slurping their drinks so loudly that you could hear it.
Somebody was even burping terribly! Maybe it was the man with the camera when it was delivered on a really high volume? And the people were coughing and blowing their noses all the time. It was so distracting.
But I don't give up quickly and decided I will watch the whole movie.

Clas tried to make the best sound for me which means I had to use the headphones to hear what the actors were saying. Every now and then I just lost the concentration because of the cinema visitors and their show but I somehow got the story together in the end.
In the middle of the movie the camera suddenly bowed down and you could only see a small part of the screen. It lasted for about ten minutes before the cameraman discovered what had happened! *sigh!*

I think it is a good movie and I would like to watch it again as soon as I can buy or rent a real copy of it.

What have we learned from this?
"The sin brings it's own punishment!"
It's a criminal act to buy DVD:s from these dealers and I don't recommend you to do it.
It will probably be like "buying the pig in the sack", like we say in Swedish.

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