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Friday, September 19, 2008

Our day off

Today I have been working with the planning of new outfits for seven hours!
Yes! It took me the whole afternoon to plan the outfits for the coming weeks.
I have also weeded out some of the clothes that I'm not going to wear anymore to get more space for new outfits in the wardrobes and thrown away a couple of boots.
I always give away the clothes that look nice to charity, but the boots I throw in the trash bin.

Clas started making a barbecue in the evening and I had to stop in the middle of the project to go out and have the dinner together with him.
The bedroom is still a mess and there are hangers and clothes everywhere and I have to continue after a while when we need a free bed to sleep in for the night.

It's difficult to find pieces that fit together and I have to try them on and off all the time to see what matches. I wish I would have a dummy to try the clothes on when that would make everything much easier.
I have seen a dummy for sale somewhere (don't no where) and it was just made of iron wires and didn't have any arms or head, but the size was looking to be the same size as mine. I hope I see it again because I really need it. It's so tough to have to put everything on and off all the time.
I really long for the day when we will get a walk in closet... Hopefully it's not too far away!

It has been cloudy today and in the afternoon we got a shower.
It's a long time since it last was raining. We have had some sprinkles the last nights but it's seldom it's raining in the south of Tenerife in this time of the year.

I will finish for now. James, our hairdresser, gave us a bag filled with old Swedish gossip magazines the other night and I will start reading them after I have been taking care of the clothes.
Have a nice weekend!

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