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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

School massacre in Kauhajoki, Finland

A terrible massacre has again been taking place in our country.
Nine students are reported to have died after a 22- year-old student fired numerous shots in a vocational high school today. One more person is seriously injured and two persons have got minor injuries.
The gunman, who police have named as Matti Juhani Saari also shot himself in the head and is now in the hospital of Tampere.
It's less than one year since the last school massacre happened in Finland.

The police took the gunman in for questioning yesterday after finding videos of massacre warnings published on the internet, but decided to let him go.
He got his first weapon licence about a month ago.
There are still a couple of videos published by the man on youtube.com.
Aftonbladet.se ( Swedish newspaper) has also published the last video that was uploaded by the man this morning before he went to action.

I feel very sad for what has happened and think of all the people that has lost their loved ones and friends.
The school where the massacre took place is only about 50 kilometers from our home town Vasa.

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Susanne said...

The latest news says the gunman is now dead. He died at the hospital.