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Monday, September 22, 2008

The most expensive cream in the world?

Kanebo Sensai Premier The cream

Culmination of decades of research, The Cream is the most lavish and potent anti-aging product.
The formulation contains unique ingredients and technologies to optimize energy metabolism, improve micro-circulation and support DNA repair functions. Unprecedented in appearance, texture and performance The Cream takes your skin closer to a universal ideal of beauty.
How to use: Apply after Lotion in the mornings and evenings.

Price: $650.00 for 1.36 oz. ( 40ml)
There is also an eye cream available. Price:

According to advertisements, the topical solution may reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. It may also play a role in moisturizing and firming the skin, according to the company.

Sounds lovely! Doesn't it?
But there was also some kind of warning of the same product on an other site on the internet:

"Products that are priced too low may be suspect, because a low price may be reflective of low quality. However, skincare products priced too high may raise some questions as well, especially when the company does not disclose a list of ingredients".

What cream do you use? I would like to find a really good one that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines before I start getting them.
Maybe it sounds worldly but I don't like to get a raisin looking face when I get older.
Or let's say I will try to do my best now while it's still time to do something about it.
Then later when I start getting wrinkles I know that I have tried my best and I can receive them with peace.

By the way, have you heard about the new "botox cream"?
The poison in it is taken from the temple snake in Thailand.

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