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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Increasing lip volume

Clas bought the white watch today. It's called Mount Blanc and looks very nice.
The other watch to the left is the one he bought the other day.

Do you know it's now possible to buy "lip volumizing treatment" on bottle in Spain.
I bought it today and tried it.
The lips swell up with about 25 % from normal within 15 minutes!

I am little bit scared of it and will only use it carefully. I don't like to destroy my lips, but it looks nice when they pout out a little bit.

First when you put it on you feel a slight sensation of tingling or burning, but it's only while it's carrying out it's volumizing action.

This treatment doesn't include Botox or Restylane or poison from the Asiatic snake!
It's only the hyaluronic acid in it that acts like "molecular sponges", penetrates in depth in the crease of the lips and capture the moisture that naturally evaporates from the skin.

"Once rehydrated, the spheres are dilated and have a dual action;
in depth, they provide perfect moisturization and have an external pushing action which smooths furrows;
on the surface of the skin the rehydrated spheres fill in imperfections".

"Hyaluronic acid is the widest used molecule for the surgical treatment of lips.
Thanks to it's performance it has even overtaken collagen, which is more suitable as a filler for under eye wrinkles."

You can buy it from the Farmacia and one bottle is 23,60Euros.
Much cheaper than Botox or Restylane that is about 80Euros per shot.
Hopefully it's more healty too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susanne,
went shopping yesterday and had a look for the Dior mascara you use but there were all different ones which one do you use?. The consultant said he would try it on me to see if it suited so when i know i will return and try it as you seem to think it is very good.My eyes are sensitive so i always try before i buy.
I think the lip treatment is not for me be careful you don't damage your lips. you look just fine as you are.
Regards Sue.

Susanne said...

Hi Sue,
It's called Dior Show Catwalk and it's a creamy mascara.
The brush is quite tick but after using it a couple of times you get used to it.
It's important to draw the brush out and in from the bottle about thirty times the first time you use it.
Then you get the mascara mixed inside and you get a good result already from the beginning.
I think this procedure is good for all kind of new mascaras.
Good Luck!