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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday Night

Today Clas and our friend Paul from England have been moving all our equipments from Lewinski to Oasis Mango.
Thanx to Paul! He is such a gentleman!
Normally people don't like to be involved when somebody start moving.
It's such a hard work!
But he said himself he can come and help and even bring his car so that we get everything moved. Very, very nice!

Clas didn't like me to be involved when there wouldn't be much space in the car if we were three persons and I had to stay at home.
I have been doing a lot of ironing instead and now all our outfits are clean and ready prepared to use in the next place.

I have also been working with the play lists of our backgrounds.
I tried to plan them so that we can play only line dances the whole night through if we get only line dancers one night. And so that we can play only couple dances the nights when we have a lot a couple dancers. And so that we can mix them every second song the nights when we have both line dancers and couple dancers.
It's not easy to figure it out and I have only got the first hour we play ready so far.
I will continue working on it tomorrow.

The photos below show what we have been doing tonight.
We only get a few days of vacation now between Lewinski and Oasis Mango and we don't get time to fly anywhere, but we try instead to enjoy the nights by having nice meals out on town when that's the only luxury we can get right now...But it's okay!
We both look forward to start in the new place and can't almost wait until Wednesday.

We spent last night among the Scandinavian friends and tomorrow we'll be together with some of the English friends. More photos after tomorrow night.

We went to Toro tapas and grill restaurant for dinner.
First we had mussels in garlic sauce as a starter.
We like this starter and we always have white new
baked bread with it that we dip in the garlic sauce. Delicious!

This is the wine we had.
It's from Crianza and so good that I like to recommend it.

Clas took a photo of the palm tree outside the restaurant.
Isn't it beautiful?
It was dark outside but the camera is so good that it looks
like the photo have been taken in the afternoon.

As the main course I had fillet steak of pork with
a red wine sauce. It was so lovely!

Clas had fillet steak of beef with
tryffel and maderia sauce.
We have had it many times before and it's very lovely.

We went in to a shop in the neighborhood of the restaurant,
after the dinner, and found this beautiful elephant there.
Couldn't resist to buy it and now it stands like this in our apartment.

On the way back home we slipped in to Harry's Cocktailbar
in Los Cristianos and had our favorite drinks.
I had a grasshopper and Clas had a San Fransisco.

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